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Mastering Risk Management Episode #67 - Garret Grajek

This episode is another must listen for those wanting to ensure they are putting in place the right controls to secure both business and personal data. My guest is Garret Grajek, President and CEO of YouAttest, a cloud-based access review engine that provides identity and security compliance for all resources.

We discuss how failing to manage systems access is one of the fundamental mistakes organisations can make yet is one of the easiest to fix.

Garret challenges us to reflect on our organisations Identity Governance by asking ourselves the following questions:

1. Who has access to our systems?

2. Do they have the right level of access?

3. Can you certify / attest that this access information is current and accurate?

If you can't answer these questions, or you are unsure about any of them, have a listen to this episode - you'll get some great insight in how to manage this fundamental cybersecurity requirement.

As always, enjoy the episode!


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