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Web based diagnostic survey, observation & measurement of current state, gap analysis & future state development, business objectives needs analysis and rollout.

Organisation Culture

Structures, roles & responsibilities, performance measurement and reporting, processes, plans, resourcing, maturity assessments, skills sourcing.

Competency Assurance and Governance Framework

Analysis of role competency requirements & incumbent capabilities, skill gap analysis and individual development planning.

Organisational and Individual Capability

Definition of functional requirements, optimisation of existing system.

Competency Management Systems

Definition and generation of e-learning, standard operating procedures, knowledge & capability assessments and training packages.

Learning and Assessment Content

Proof of concept, piloting, rollout to department/s, discipline/s or across the whole organisation.

Project Management and Implementation

Short term or long term support, leadership / management roles, outsourcing / co-sourcing.

Competency Management and Assurance Resourcing

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