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Mastering Risk Management: Episode 58 - Alex Sidorenko

I'm releasing this episode 'out of sync' as Alex is visiting Australia in late February / early March and our Australian listeners have this chance to hear Alex's views on risk management. He'll be hosted by the RMIA on the 28th February in Perth and 7th March in Melbourne - see the RMIA website for details. Alex is often referred to as 'the most controversial person in risk management' due to his outspoken and unwavering views on what risk management is and isn't. My aim in creating this podcast was to get a variety of opinions and experiences through to our guests, so whilst many will disagree with him, it is good to hear alternative views. Personally, and as is the case with ABM Risk Partnership, we take a balanced view - there are aspects of what Alex calls RM1 that are applicable and very useful, especially for organisations starting the journey. Likewise, quantification of risks (Alex's RM2) is equally important for those Material risks to the organisation. Alex has a host of materials available so you can make up your own mind - see the links below: YOUTUBE: BLOG: LINKEDIN: Alex also mentioned the Advanced Risk Governance course during our chat - link is below:

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