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Mastering Risk Management Podcast #75 - Tim Weiss, CEO of Optera

A must listen episode for all Senior Executives and Directors!

In this discussion, Tim Weiss describes the challenges (and solutions) that organisations are facing in respect to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) requirements that are becoming even more 'front and centre' in the list of priorities.

ESG represents a classic risk - with both threats and opportunities for organisations that take the time to do a thorough and appropriate risk assessment.

One of the big challenges for organisations is understanding their carbon emissions - not just those directly incurred in conducting its business (Scope 1) but also those generated by its consumption of energy (Scope 2) and the emissions generated up and down the value chain (Scope 3). This is where Optera can assist.

Find out more by listening to this fascinating discussion!

You can also access Optera's recent 'Trends in Corporate Emissions' Report mentioned in our discussion here.

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