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Mastering Risk Management Podcast Episode 49 - Dan Draper

My discussion in this episode is with Dan Draper, and whilst the discussion is about an exciting new technology, it is not technically challenging. Dan is the CEO and Founder of CipherStash, a Sydney based data security startup building a searchable encrypted data storage platform for sensitive data.

Like many in the tech industry, Dan grew tired of hearing about data-breach after data-breach in the news and developed an interest in searchable encryption technology. After taking Professor Dan Boneh's Stanford Cryptography course, Dan spent the next 3 years researching how to apply searchable encryption techniques to practical databases and search indexes.

The result: an entirely new way of storing data that no longer trades security for utility. If your organisation is comfortable about its approach to encrypting data, you might want to re-think that after listening to this episode! Find out more at: CipherStash - Home

Listen to the full podcast via the link below or search for Mastering Risk Management on your favourite podcast channel.


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