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MRM Episode #86 - Brad Hibbert, COO & CSO- Prevalant

Have a listen to this fantastic chat with Brad Hibbert, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Strategy Officer of Prevalent, a leader in third party risk management.

With all organisations looking for ways to streamline operations and focus on their core skillsets, there has been a massive uptake over recent years in outsourcing / co-sourcing or just plain contracting out elements of the business.

Whilst this realises many efficiency / cost benefits, you can't outsource the organisations responsibilities or legal obligations. Most importantly, any incidents / errors by the third party often lead to reputational damage to your own organisation.

Brad talks about the methodology they use to qualify third party providers - including an initial assessment process and then ongoing monitoring - providing a 360-degree risk profile of your third-party vendors.

A must listen for any organisation relying on third party providers!

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