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MRM Episode 87 - John Charles, SVP ISSQUARED: IT Security and AI Insights

What if your career trajectory could change with an unexpected gift? Join us for a thought-provoking conversation with John Charles, the Senior Vice President at ISSQUARED Inc, as he recounts his unique journey from receiving an IBM PC from his parents to shaping the field of IT security and identity management.

From the discipline of the United States Marine Corps to impactful roles at AT&T and Microsoft, John shares how these experiences laid the foundation for his work at ISSQUARED, a company now navigating the complexities of managing access for devices, applications, and data.

Ever wondered how actionable roadmaps can revolutionise IT security? In our discussion, John reveals the power of interactive reporting and how it can lead to immediate corrections and flexible budgeting, helping IT departments become more business-savvy.

We also tackle the future of artificial intelligence, the critical need for private cloud solutions, and effective data management. Tune in to discover how these insights could be vital for insurers assessing risk and the importance of maintaining momentum through dedicated project management.

This episode is packed with invaluable lessons for anyone navigating the fast-evolving landscape of IT security and AI. Enjoy!

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