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MRM Episode #88 - Lisa Carlin

Today's Mastering Risk Management podcast features a special guest, Lisa Carlin, a director at Future Builders Group

Lisa is known for mentoring innovative leaders and turbocharging strategic initiatives. With a background at Accenture and McKinsey, she has pioneered a culture-friendly approach to deliver over 50 implementations.

Those working with Lisa have the sounding board and expert guidance they need to navigate success with speed and precision, so they can deliver growth and business value.

Based in Sydney, Lisa also founded the Turbo Chargers, a hub for frameworks and training to make business leaders future-ready. Subscribe here.

Lisa’s work is mostly in B2B, education, talent and SaaS technology. She is also Chair of an Education NFP and member of Advisory Boards. Lisa’s early career was with Accenture (South Africa) and McKinsey (USA).

Join us as we dive into Lisa’s journey and insights!

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