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MRM Podcast #78 - Effective Risk Management Reporting

In this discussion, Anthony Wilson and Brett Palmer discuss what good reporting looks like for Executives and Directors of organisations.

Clearly there are regulatory requirements that Senior Management and Boards must meet and that must be supported by robust Risk Management reporting. The trick is always getting the balance right - too much detail is just as bad as too little.

When reporting to these groups, materiality is key - the Board and the Executive need to be hearing about the Material risks, the effectiveness of the controls and progress on any actions.

One of the biggest drivers for being effective with your reporting is to assist in key decision making. Armed with an effective and thorough risk assessment, decisions can be made about which opportunities to pursue, which projects to activate and which threats to treat.

This is a great listen for those that find it a challenge to get their Risk Management reporting right or for those that want to benchmark their current reporting regime.

Enjoy the discussion!

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