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MRM Podcast #82 Rocco D'Amico, CEO Brass Valley

In our chat, Rocco shares his vast experience in assisting companies to safely, and with due regard to the environment, retire or on sell end of life computer and network equipment.

As you'll hear, the biggest challenge is not the physical equipment, but rather ensuring that all company confidential or sensitive data is removed from the devices and unable to be retrieved.

Listen for his observation on where data sometimes turns up - where you'd least expect it!

It is also great to hear that Rocco and the team are committed to keeping old devices out of landfill - reducing the burden of e-waste on the environment.

Rocco and the Brass Valley team can assist no matter where you are in the world so if you are looking for certainty and security in retiring your old / end of life technology, check out the link below:

As always, hope you enjoy the episode, and welcome your feedback.

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Thanks for listening to the show and please keep your guest suggestions coming!


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