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Alliance between ABM Risk Partnership and Decision Inc.

Alliance between ABM Risk Partnership and Decision Inc. signals the joint pursuit of making data insightful to realise opportunities and manage threats.

Global Technology Services company specialising in Data and Analytics, Decision Inc., and leading risk, capability and competency firm, ABM Risk Partnership have announced an alliance to provide businesses with access to insightful data analytics and robust risk management.

Powerful data analytics and effective risk management enable businesses to reduce uncertainty and, through greater understanding, take advantage of opportunities. Combined, these data analytics and risk management capabilities support the achievement of organisational objectives.

Both firms have worked with many leading organisations and have extensive experience, both as external consultants and corporate executives.

The alliance achieves the synergistic benefits of combining data analytics and risk management capability in a single offering to enhance organisational decision making. This provides a defined pathway that harnesses the value of an organisation’s data, optimises operations, and drives improvement in risk management competency and culture.

Aiden Heke, CEO Australia of Decision Inc. added, “We constantly look to generate opportunity from data and analytics for our clients. The gap between risk and opportunity management has never been closer, particularly as we see clients prospering or suffering from the impact of COVID. Our alliance with ABM Risk is an important step in enhancing our ability to help our clients move towards a digital operating model. Striking the balance between risk and opportunity requires data and analytics maturity and we believe the combination of Decision Inc. and ABM Risk Partnership capabilities will be a differentiator for our clients.

Anthony Wilson, one of the Founding Partners of ABM Risk Partnership said, “We’ve long asserted that the data in most organisations is under-utilised. Teaming up with Decision Inc will provide both our clients with not only a bespoke Risk Management capability, but also the insight to further enhance their decision-making. This leads to taking smart risks that are informed by relevant and up to date information. Companies with this mature approach to risk management and data analytics will be those that are agile and adaptable in responding to changing scenarios, will be ahead of the curve when they do, and will always be seeking new ways to exploit a change in circumstances.”

Wilson added, “Organisations that do not support their risk-based decision making through data analytics are likely to benefit greatly from the new alliance. It’s about increasing business certainty.”

For more information contact Anthony Wilson at ABM ( and Tony Butler at Decision Inc (


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