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Lockton and ABM talk future risks

In early October 2021, ABM Risk Partnership’s Anthony Wilson and Brett Palmer had a video discussion with Lockton Companies Australia’s National Manager Antony Meakin about the recently released ‘AXA Future Risk Report 2021’. The report, now in its 8th year, surveyed 3,500 risk experts and 19,000 members of the general public in over 60 countries to determine the risks that are at the front of mind in four geographical regions – Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific.

Some observations on the report firstly. Whilst the report is about ‘future’ risks, our argument would be that the risks in the report are here and now. Sure, some are emerging risks – space and planetary risks, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, and the future of work – but by and large, the risks are impacting us now.

The respondents were also asked to chose from 25 risks listed under 5 categories – Health and Medicine, Environment and Energy, Technology and Data, Economics, Finance and Business Environment, and Society, Politics and Regulation. This may have eliminated other risks from consideration.

Our video discussion focusses on the top three risks identified in the report – Climate Change, Cybersecurity and Pandemics & Infectious Diseases. Watch the discussion in full below:

ABM has also presented on Cybersecurity in various forums. Click on the link below to see their latest presentation on Cybersecurity.

Cyber its just another risk
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