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Mastering Risk Management Episode #63 - Dr Patrick Scolyer-Gray

There has been a lot of talk lately on the best approach to mitigating the risk of cyber-attack - including on this podcast. My guest in this episode has a very different take on how best to defend an organisation from this incessant risk.

Having recently published his first monograph, Dr Patrick Scolyer-Gray’s career has been devoted primarily to the design, development and implementation of Human-Centric Cybersecurity (HCCS), a methodological framework that extends and improves upon the conventional techno-centric ‘layered’ approach to cybersecurity. In his current role, Patrick leads the Human-Centric Cybersecurity (HCCS) consulting practice at the Expert Management Agency (EMA) 460degrees.

Throughout his career, Patrick has maintained that the key to achieving a stronger security posture lies not in technology, but instead in social and cognitive elements, such as culture, decision-making and behaviour. This is a fascinating discussion and a must listen for those that want to understand another critical element to cyber defense.

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Offers: Human-Centric Cybersecurity (HCCS): A Framework:

View Whitepaper here (this is a whitepaper with the full HCCS methodology)

Artistic Works of Fiction and Falsehood: An Analysis of the Production and Consumption of Knowledge on 4chan

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