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Mastering Risk Management Podcast #73 - Darren Gallop

This episode features a fascinating chat with Darren Gallop, CEO and co-founder of Carbide. The Carbide team believe that making security and privacy foundational to your business can accelerate your company’s growth trajectory.

Darren started his career as a professional musician touring with his band(s) throughout Canada. That experience fuelled an interest in the music’s business side, leading him to found his own record label, and eventually Marcato, a successful startup whose innovative technology platform was used to manage music and cultural events around the world prior to its acquisition.

While at Marcato, Darren developed a deep interest in security and privacy, prompting him to secure his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation and to serve as the company’s Chief Information Security Officer – a role he now holds at Carbide today. Darren has since also become a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM).

This combination of creativity, business acumen, genuine interest in security and privacy, and entrepreneurial spirit underpins Carbide’s culture of innovation.

You'll hear Darren's passion for helping organisations manage this ever-increasing, and complex risk. And even better, Darren has a great promotional offer for listeners of the podcast. Have a listen for details on how you can get first class privacy and security and also a discounted price!

Also visit the Caride website: to learn more.

Enjoy the episode!

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