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Mastering Risk Management Podcast Episode 43 - Mario Bekes

The war in Ukraine may seem unfathomable and unreal to many however, sadly there are historical precedents that should not be forgotten.

In my latest Mastering Risk Management podcast episode, I talk with investigative intelligence expert, Mario Bekes from Insight Intelligence, about his life on the battlefield fighting for Croatian independence from communist Yugoslavia and how that shaped his views of risk management. He talks of the need to trust your senses, ensure open channels of communication and how important information protection is from a human as well as a cyber perspective.

Mario’s three F’s for why companies turn to his commercial intelligence firm will resonate with everyone in the risk space.

Mario is not your normal podcast guest, enjoy!

The episode is available on Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and all the popular podcast hosting services - search Mastering Risk Management.

For further information and to buy his incredible autobiography, “Blood Soaked Soil” visit

Listen to the podcast here (also available Stitcher)


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