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Mastering Risk Management Podcast Episode 50 - Mick McCormack

Our 50th episode in the Mastering Risk Management podcast! And with a special occasion such as this comes another special guest, Mick McCormack. Having led APA Group from start up to ASX market darling, Mick McCormack is a proven corporate leader. Moving from the C-Suite to the Board room Mick now plays a key role as NED of Austal, and Origin Energy, and as Chair of Central Petroleum.

Seen as a knock about sort of bloke Mick shouldn’t be under-estimated. He demonstrates a deep understanding of Risk Management, and Governance more broadly. Known for saying it the way he sees it, his track record suggests he usually sees it right.

No hidden agenda, you always know where you stand with Mick. Mick referred to the Clontarf Foundation and the wonderful work it does with indigenous youth.

Please find the link below and consider supporting this great organisation:


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