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Mastering Risk Management Podcast Episode 53 - Matheus Riolfi

I like to make sure you as listeners get access to a broad range of guests on the Mastering Risk Management podcast. Today's guest specialises in a field that I wasn't even aware of but is certainly about managing risk!

Matheus Riolfi is the Co-founder and CEO of Tint. Before this, he was the Director of International Expansion at Turo, the world's largest car sharing marketplace, and launched the company in Canada, the UK, and Germany. He pioneered the operations, including designing risk management in different stages of the company and sourcing insurance in various countries.

This insurance experience led he and his co-founder to form Tint. And you just have to listen to the episode to understand what they do and how it could be a real differentiator for your business.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Please visit Tint to find out more about this unique offering.

Thanks for listening to the show and please keep your guest suggestions coming!


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