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Mastering Risk Management Episode 61 - Nigel Phair

Want to minimise the risk of a cyber attack? Listen now!

This discussion will be of interest to all leaders, not just those in risk management. As recent events around the world have shown, the spectre of cyber security incidents haunts almost every organisation and manifests itself in way too many others.

My guest for this chat is Nigel Phair - technologist, advisor, academic and company director. Nigel's deep expertise in cyber security has seen him in high demand by boards and executives looking to take decisive action to protect themselves from attack.

Nigel is also a regular presence in the media, helping people understand how they can take steps to protect themselves and their data from these attacks. He is the author of three books on the international impact of cybercrime - well informed by his over 20 years of service in the Australian Federal Police rising to the rank of Detective Superintendent in the Australian High Tech Crime Centre.

This is a must listen episode for individuals and organisations wishing to shore up their defenses against this ever-present threat.


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