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Setting your Risk Maturity benchmark

Is there anything more frustrating than being asked to complete surveys? Any day now I am expecting a survey asking me how the survey I was asked to complete was? But not all surveys are created equally, and at ABM Risk Partnership we believe a survey asking the right questions about the right subject, that drives the right actions, must be worth completing.

For those organisations that want to learn and adapt, collecting reliable, actionable feedback is vital. But it’s also important to make the process of gathering that feedback as painless as possible on the organisation. We have developed the ABM Risk Maturity Survey that enables organisations to capture the key issues without imposing unnecessarily on the participants. The ABM Risk Maturity Survey is therefore aimed at the wider employee base, bottom to top, rather than targeting select groups which demonstrate bias (positive or negative) inconsistent with the overall maturity across the organisation as a whole.

It’s a little different from other surveys:

Management may think the organisation’s approach to risk is mature – let’s see what the employees think.

The survey offers some plain English questions across five categories:

· Plans & Strategy

· Performance & Reporting

· Process & Framework

· People & Culture

· Platform & Integration

An initial survey establishes a baseline, against which the actions required to “take the journey” to improvement and improved effectiveness through increased Risk Management maturity and Risk Competency Assurance are defined. This gives organisations the scope to measure their ongoing improvement by remeasuring their maturity with future surveys. We all know that the inability to measure Risk Management effectiveness and maturity has long been seen as a major area of weakness. Of course, like any other survey, repeating it without addressing the findings and expecting changes to the outcomes is of no value.

ABM’s survey does have some artificial intelligence built in, but if you wanted a machine to tell you what to think, you won’t get much out of chatting to us. The survey has been designed by highly experienced Risk Management professionals who have been at the front end of Risk Management, driving change, effectiveness and maturity at numerous organisations.

If you would like to explore how the ABM Risk Maturity Survey might add some real value in your context, or simply to discuss your Risk Management and Competency Assurance situation please feel free to find us via Contacts or Book a free Risk Maturity Snapshot.


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